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ISCRAM Advisory Council

In addition to regular members, the association also has honoray members. These are "natural persons active in the domain of leading and promising technology, related to goals of the association, who can show an established value and ability to support the association inreaching its goals, and agree to become a member of the advisory body." (ISCRAM constitution)

The first five Advisory Council members were appointed at the General Assembly 2013:

  • Frank Fiedrich, Bergische Universität Wuppertal, Wuppertal, Germany
  • Simon French, University of Warwick, Warwick, United Kingdom
  • Benny Carlé, SCK-CEN Nuclear Research Center, Belgium
  • Jack Harrald, The George Washington University, Washington, USA
  • Roy Williams, Center for Humanitarian Cooperation, Bloomfield, USA

Simon French is currently the Chair of the Advisory Council 

Institutional Members



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