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ISCRAM Board 2011-2012 Elections Outcome

At the General Assembly on Tuesday, May 10 2011, at the ISCRAM2011 Conference Venue, LNEC, Lisbon (Portugal), Linda Plotnick and Julie Dugdale were elected as new board members, while Frank Fiedrich, Simon French and Bartel Van de Walle were re-elected. These 5 board members will serve for a two year term, until May 2013.

In addition to those 5 members, 5 more board members are continuing their service until May 2012: Tim Grant, Mark Haselkorn, Susanne Jul, Murray Turoff and Gerhard Wickler. These board members were elected at ISCRAM2010 in Seattle.

For more information on the board members, please click on their name to read the board member's short bio, prior ISCRAM experiences and contributions, and ambitions and plans as a board member.

Institutional Members



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