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Theme 01 - Coordination and Collaboration

01.01. Command & Control Studies

Full Research Papers

ID: 133
Leading Cats: How to Effectively Command Collectives
Calderon, Ana C.; Hinds, Joanne; Johnson, Peter
University of Bath, UK

ID: 174
Smartphones as an Alerting, Command and Control System for the Preparedness Groups and Civilians: Results of Preliminary Tests with the Finnish Police
Kuula, Jaana (1); Kauppinen, Olli (1); Auvinen, Vili (1); Kettunen, Pauli (1); Viitanen, Santtu (1); Korhonen, Tuomo (2)
1: University of Jyväskylä, Finland; 2: Central Finland Police Department, Finland

ID: 186
Social Media in Command & Control: A proof-of-principle experiment
Grant, Timothy John (1); Jongejan, Peter (2); Geugies, Fred (3)
1: Retired But Active Researchers (R-BAR), The Netherlands; 2: Netherlands Defence Academy, The Netherlands; 3: Ministry of Defence, The Netherlands

Research-in-Progress Papers

ID: 141
Evaluating the real usability of a C2 system – short and controlled vs long and real
Lanfranchi, Vitaveska; Mazumdar, Suvodeep
Department of Computer Science, University of Sheffield, UK

01.02.Crisis Response Coordination

Research-in-Progress Papers

ID: 182
GDACSmobile: Providing More Ground Truth to the Global Disaster Alert and Coordination System
Link, Daniel (1); Hellingrath, Bernd (1); de Groeve, Tom (2)
1: University of Münster, Germany; 2: Joint Research Centre of the European Commission, Italy

ID: 188
Towards an IT Based Platform for Disaster Risks Management in Algeria
Benssam, Ali; Nouali, Nadia; Nouali, Omar
High School of Computer Science, Algiers, Algeria

ID: 212
Towards the Integration of Place-related Information in Disaster Response Processes
Sackman, Stefan; Hofmann, Marlen; Betke, Hans Julius
Martin Luther University Halle-Wittenberg, Germany

ID: 289
Information infrastructure for crisis response coordination: a study of local emergency management in Norwegian municipalities
Meum, Torbjørg Træland (1); Munkvold, Bjørn Erik (2)
1: University of Agder, Norway; 2: University of Agder, Norway

ID: 292
Impact of the distribution and enrichment of information on the coordination of a human-made fast-burning crisis
Brugghemans, Bert (1); Milis, Koen (2); Van De Walle, Bartel (3)
1: Antwerp Fire Service, Belgium; 2: Campus Vesta; 3: Tilburg University

01.02. Inter-Organizational Exercises and Operations

Full Research Papers

ID: 187
Inter-organizational Collaboration Structures during Emergency Response: A Case Study
Eide, Aslak Wegner; Haugstveit, Ida Maria; Halvorsrud, Ragnhild
SINTEF, Norway

Research-in-Progress Papers

ID: 139
Training exercises for crisis management training in intra-organizational settings
Asproth, Viveca; Borglund, Erik A.M; Öberg, Lena-Maria
Mid Sweden University, Sweden

ID: 140
Training, Testing and Experimentation: A classification of command post exercises
Heumüller, Erich; Richter, Sebastian; Lechner, Ulrike
Universität der Bundeswehr München, Germany

ID: 220
A typology to facilitate multi-agency coordination
Curnin, Steven William; Owen, Christine
University of Tasmania, Australia

ID: 273
Simulating Information Sharing in Crisis Response Coalitions as a Minority Game
Van der Wal, Ariën J. (1); Grant, Tim (2)
1: Netherlands Defence Academy, The Netherlands; 2: RBAR, The Netherlands

01.03. Serious Games for Crisis Management

Full Research Papers

ID: 136
Communication Interface for Virtual Training of Crisis Management
Rudinsky, Jan; Hvannberg, Ebba Thora
University of Iceland, Iceland

Research-in-Progress Papers

ID: 154
Towards a knowledge-intensive serious game for training emergency medical services
El mawas, Nour; Cahier, Jean-Pierre
ICD/Tech-CICO Lab, University of Technolgy of Troyes (UTT) France

ID: 227
Virtual Reality Training Environment for Tactical Emergency Operations
Ardila, Laura; Perez-Llopis, Israel; Palau, Carlos E.; Esteve, Manuel
Universitat Politecnica de Valencia, Spain

ID: 276
Disaster in my backyard: a serious game introduction to disaster information management
Meesters, Kenny; Van de Walle, Bartel
Tilburg University, The Netherlands

ID: 286
Exploring Shared Situational Awareness using Serious Gaming for Supply Chain Disruptions
Kurapati, Shalini (1); Kolfschoten, Gwendolyn (1); Verbraeck, Alexander (1); Corsi, Thomas (2); Brazier, Frances (1)
1: TU Delft, The Netherlands; 2: University of Maryland, USA

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