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Theme 02 - Critical Infrastructures

02.01 Drinking Water Security Management

Full Research Papers

ID: 162
A SaaS-Based Early Warning Information Fusion System for Critical Infrastructure Safety
Foping, Franclin; Dokas, Ioannis
Cork Constraint Computation Centre, Ireland

Research-in-Progress Papers

ID: 219
Monitoring data identification for a water distribution system based on data self-recognition approach
Che, Han; Liu, Shuming
School of Environment, 403,Tsinghua, China

ID: 293
SMaRT-OnlineWDN: Online Security Management and Reliability Toolkit for Water Distribution Networks
Bernard, Thomas (1); Deuerlein, Jochen (2); Korth, Andreas (3); Sedehizade, Fereshte (4); Pillier, Olivier (5); Gilbert, Denis (5); Maurel, Marie (6); Sandraz, Anne-Claire (7); Werey, Caty (8); Weber, Jean-Marc (9)
1: Fraunhofer IOSB, Germany; 2: 3S Consult, Germany; 3: TZW, Dresden; 4: BWB, Berlin; 5: IRSTEA, France; 6: Veolia Environment, France; 7: Veolia Eau d’Ile de France, France; 8: ENGEES, FRance; 9: Service de l'eau de la Communauté Urbaine de Strasbourg, France

02.02 Healthcare Crisis Information Systems

Full Research Papers

ID: 185
Top Health Trends: An information visualization tool for awareness of local health trends
Moon, Sung Pil (1); Liu, Yikun (1); Entezari, Steven O. (1); Pirzadeh, Afarin (1); Pappas, Andrew (2); Pfaff, Mark S. (1)
1: Indiana University - Indianapolis, Indiana, USA; 2: MESH Coalition - Indianapolis, Indiana, USA

ID: 208
A mHealth System for Patient Handover in Emergency Medical Services
Schooley, Benjamin
University of South Carolina, USA

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