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ISCRAM2015 - Call for Tracks

Call for Tracks: ISCRAM2015

May 24-27 2015, Kristiansand, Norway

Getting ready for the unexpected –
Information Systems for Crisis Management in a complex and uncertain world

Emergencies are characterised by their ‘un-ness’ - ‘… unexpected, unscheduled, unplanned, unprecedented and definitely unpleasant’ (Crichton 2003) – they are unexpected and unknowable in their specific unfolding. However good plans and scenarios may be, uncertainty is a defining feature in emergency events. Through this conference theme we invite Tracks and submissions focusing on the technologies, procedures, approaches, methods and tools that can be employed to improve crisis response in an increasingly complex and dynamic world. Creative and critical reflections are welcome.

To submit a Track Proposal, please complete the template and send by July 18th, 2014, it to If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.



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