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Opportunity for US based computing oriented professionals/academics


We invite applications from early-career faculty for the NSF-funded fellowship program entitled "Enabling the Next Generation of Hazards and Disasters Researchers".

Fellowship Description:
The NSF-funded Enabling Program, which has previously mentored three cohorts, is a demonstrably successful education and training effort aimed at developing junior faculty to become active scholars in both their individual disciplines and in the broader hazards and disasters research community. Prior instantatiations of this program have resulted in numerous successful grants, articles and long-standing collaborations. Ten leading scholars will provide mentoring in hazards and disasters research for up to 20 competitively selected fellows.

The aims of the program are to (1) foster the development of scholars with a career‐long commitment to research on hazards, risk, and disasters; (2) contribute to the nation’s future research capacity and infrastructure in these areas; and (3) add important original scientific knowledge to the areas of hazards, risk, and disasters.

Representative activities include writing scholarly articles, book proposals and grant proposals. The fellowship covers travel expenses for program activities, including three required workshops, and offers a modest stipend.

The fellowship is open to early career tenure‐track faculty who have not yet received tenure and promotion at a U.S. institution and are interested in developing research in natural and human‐made hazards, risk, and disasters in any relevant field of the natural and physical sciences, social and behavioral sciences, specialties in engineering, or interdisciplinary programs. We seek applications from faculty in academic departments with doctoral programs, as well as from those in non‐doctoral programs that have demonstrated a capability to prepare students for research careers. We encourage applications from members of groups that are underrepresented in the hazards and disaster field—including women and racial and ethnic minorities.

Application Deadline:
Application materials for the 2014 fellowships can be found on the program’s website and must be received in digital format by September 24, 2014.

Further information:

Principal Investigators
Deborah Thomas, PhD, University of Colorado Denver
Brian Gerber, PhD, University of Colorado Denver
Samuel Brody, PhD, Texas A&M University


Institutional Members



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