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Call for Nominations for the Prestigious Award of Honorary Membership in the ISCRAM Association Deadline Extended

e are seeking nominations for the prestigious award of Honorary Membership in the ISCRAM Association.  In order to obtain the best candidates for this award, we have extended the deadline for nominations until Friday, March 15, 2013.  You will find the form to make your nomination here.

Honorary Membership in the ISCRAM Association may be awarded by the Executive Committee of the ISCRAM Board to those who are active in the domain of leading and promising technology, related to the goals of the ISCRAM Association.  Nominees do not need to be current ISCRAM members.  Honorary Members show an established value and ability to support the ISCRAM Association in reaching its goals.  Honorary Members serve on the ISCRAM Advisory Body which is chartered to give advice and feedback to the ISCRAM Board on strategic issues related to ISCRAM..

Honorary Members do not pay any Association dues.  Honorary members must commit to play an active role in the Advisory Group.  They are afforded all of the benefits of being an ISCRAM Association member except for the ability to serve on the ISCRAM Board (as that would create a conflict with membership on the Advisory Body) and the ability to vote at the yearly General Assembly meeting.

Current members of the ISCRAM Board may be nominated for an Honorary Membership if they will not be serving on the Board the next membership year (because they have served the maximum number of terms, have decided not to complete a term in progress,  or are up for reelection but have decided not to run for another term as a Board member).  

Please be advised that if someone is nominated for Honorary Membership, she or he will be contacted by the Board to advise them of this and to confirm his or her willingness to accept an Honorary Membership if it is awarded.  Honorary Membership is for life or until an Honorary Member resigns.  All regulations contained in the ISCRAM Constitution and By-Laws apply.

Please note that you may make up to two nominations per year, that the ISCRAM Board may award multiple Honorary Memberships each year, and that the nominee need not be an ISCRAM Association member.  The first awards will be made at the ISCRAM2013 conference to be held in May 2013 in Baden Baden, Germany.  Further details may be found on the nomination form.

Please Note: Although Nominees for Honorary Membership need not be current or former ISCRAM Association members, nominations may only be made by current ISCRAM Association members.  If you are unsure of your membership status, please contact us.