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Content needed for the ISCRAM Newsletter

It’s time to prepare the ISCRAM Newsletter again.  We are always looking for content that is applicable to the ISCRAM mission.  We are looking for the following:

·    News

·    Conferences

·    Successful Doctoral Defenses

·    Seminars

·    Upcoming events and calls for papers

Please email your information to Stephen Fortier at Read more about Content needed for the ISCRAM Newsletter

ISCRAM Advisory Council

In addition to regular members, the association also has honoray members. These are "natural persons active in the domain of leading and promising technology, related to goals of the association, who can show an established value and ability to support the association inreaching its goals, and agree to become a member of the advisory body." (ISCRAM constitution)

The first five Advisory Council members were appointed at the General Assembly 2013: Read more about ISCRAM Advisory Council


Interested in helping us grow our Association? 

We have organized ourselves through 4 working groups or committees - you may want to check out our Bylaws to learn more about them.  The committees have become active in 2011, yet every single Committee would be very happy to receive extra help from you should you have some time to spare.

Please check out the links below to find out more, and how to get in touch with the committee chair.  Read more about Committees


ISCRAM BYLAWS The official ISCRAM Bylaws have been approved at the General Assembly of the ISCRAM Association at ISCRAM2011 in Lisbon, Portugal. Download the ISCRAM bylaws here. Read more about ISCRAM Bylaws

ISCRAM Association Constitution

The ISCRAM Association is an international non-profit organization, established in Belgium under Title III of the Act of June 27, 1921 concerning the non-profit associations, international non-profit associations and foundations, hereinafter called the association law and is called "lSCRAM". The seat of the association is established in 1160 Brussels, Herrmann Debroux 40.

The association targets no profit and aims:
  Read more about ISCRAM Association Constitution


Institutional Members



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