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Organise an ISCRAM Event!

ISCRAM organises a number of different conferences and events throughout the year, from ISCRAM-World to Continent and Regional events, the Summerschool and Workshops. If you are interested in organising such an event, please read on, or contact us at


  • ISCRAM-World: THE annual global ISCRAM conference bringing together top researchers and practitioners
  • ISCRAM-Continent: Conference focussing on a specific region and the most relevant issues and topics there
  • ISCRAM-X brings together researchers from a specific region, for instance ISCRAM-Vietnam or ISCRAM-Med
  • ISCRAM-T brings together researchers and practitioners working on a specific topic or use a common method or tool; here we invite workshops and smaller scale conferences
  • ISCRAM-Learn dedicated to support early-career researchers and practitioners
  • ISCRAM-Affiliated events are events where there is mutual interest and benefit in associating the ISCRAM with an event that is organised by an external institution

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Events Committee

The Events Committee deals with all the ISCRAM events that take place over the year: ranging from the global ISCRAM conferences, the ISCRAM-ASIA conferences, local and regional events, such as ISCRAM-Vietnam or ISCRAM-Med to ISCRAM-Learn events such as ISCRAM Summer or Winter School. 

If you are interested in organizing an ISCRAM related event, conference or workshop, please contact us via email at

The Events Committee is chaired by Tina Comes and Zeno Franco

Members of the Events Committee are Read more about Events Committee


Institutional Members



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