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Info Forwarded by Einar Bjorgo:

Dear colleagues,

the information forwarded below, on the presently ongoing field tests of the new cell broadcast system developed under the Cell@lert project might be of interest specifically to those among you dealing with the distribution of information to the public in crisis situations. Detailed information is available at and from the CEASA partners listed in those pages.

Best regards
Hans Zimmermann

” I am delighted to report that the Einstein network in Wisconsin USA,  yesterday performed a test of the Cell Broadcast system. A test text message was transmitted from the station at the Einstein labs, and picked up on a technician”s mobile. This conforms that the Cell Broadcast feature does work with the US PCS mobiles.

The Cell@lert project is now working to integrate the Cell Broadcast Broker to this, and enable disaster managers to make test calls to locations in Wisconsin, within a few weeks. We will also extend coverage to more cells around the city of Appleton WI, for more tests and demonstrations.

Cell Broadcasting is the only way to reach millions of mobile phones within a few seconds. It does not use traffic channels and so will work even when the network is in full overload, and will itslef not contribute to load. It is probably the best way to send a warning message to a large group, that we have at the moment.

For further details please check out

Warm Regards,  Mark Wood. (Hon. CTO Cell@lert project)