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ISCRAM is a learned society for people interested in Information Systems for Crisis Response and Management. The acronym was first used for the first international ISCRAM Workshop held in Brussels in 2004.

From 2004 to 2009, the ISCRAM Community expanded into a globally active community of researchers, academics, practitioners, policy makers with an interest in this new area.  In 2009, the ISCRAM Association was formally established as a non-profit association in Belgium. A new Constitution was approved and a new Board was elected at the first General Assembly at the ISCRAM Conference in Gothenburg. At the 2011 ISCRAM Conference, the new Bylaws of the Association were approved at the General Assembly.

The ISCRAM Association's primary mission is to foster a community dedicated to promoting research and development, exchange of knowledge and deployment of information systems for crisis management, including the social, technical and practical aspects of all information and communication systems used or to be used in all phases of management of emergencies, disasters and crises.

To this end, ISCRAM endeavors to:

  • promote and facilitate cooperation among all parties involved in this domain, including researchers, practitioners and professionals, technical experts and other experts and policy makers;
  • develop activities that contribute to the primary mission;
  • promote and disseminate best practices and research results on the development, maintenance, delivery, and management of information and communication systems for crisis response and management;
  • promote and facilitate leading-edge education and training in this domain.

ISCRAM achieves these goals through conferences, research, education programs, and standards activities.

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