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Humanitarian and Crisis Information Systems: Reports from Academia, Business, and Government

5th International Conference on Information Systems for Crisis Response and Management ISCRAM2008

SPECIAL SESSION on Humanitarian and Crisis Information Systems: Reports from Academia, Business, and Government


This track will focus on programs and projects that aim to engage computing and IT students and professionals in the building of information systems for crisis management and humanitarian response. From Google-sponsored Summer-of-Code efforts to corporate-supported volunteer projects, to academic-based humanitarian open source projects, there is growing interest and activity in marshalling the untapped human resources in academia, business, and government to serve humanitarian purposes. This session will provide a forum for practitioners to report on their efforts and share their experiences and ideas with experts in crisis management and humanitarian relief.


- Humanitarian free and open source software (FOSS) efforts
- Humanitarian information system projects in academia, business or government
-  Corporate, government, and academic education and training efforts for crisis management and humanitarian response
-  Google Summer-of-Code projects in crisis and humanitarian response
- Case studies of deployments of FOSS applications in disaster response

Type of contribution:

- Practitioner Session: We invite practitioners to present their practice or experiences in information systems development, use or needs. Prospective presenters submit a short practitioner paper or a PowerPoint presentation along with an abstract.

Click here to download the Special Session Call in PDF format

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