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ISCRAM2008 Corporate Sponsors

Thanks to our current ISCRAM2008 sponsors!

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Booz Allen Hamilton

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HMS Technologies

If you are interested in sponsoring our conference please contact us at

Platinum Sponsor

Booz Allen Hamilton

Booz Allen Hamilton, a leading global consulting firm, has 19,000 employees serving clients on six continents. Integrating the full range of consulting capabilities, Booz Allen is the one firm that helps government and commercial clients solve their toughest problems with services in strategy, operations, organization and change, and information technology.

Booz Allen is committed to delivering results that endure.

Please visit Booz Allen Hamilton"s homepage at

Keynote Sponsor


ARA approaches every project as an opportunity to go beyond expectations by providing solutions that accomplish all objectives and lead to new possibilities. ARA"s belief in personal excellence combined with a strict adherence to simple and effective operating principles allows us to consistently turn these opportunities into extremely satisfied clients.

The company"s mission is to solve problems of national importance by providing science and engineering research, technical support services, specialty products, and integrated solutions. ARA"s main technological capabilities include:

  • National Defense and Aerospace
  • Homeland Safety and Security
  • Transportation
  • Commercial and Consulting Services

Please visit ARA"s homepage at

Bronze Sponsor


D-CIS Lab (established in 2002) is the open research partnership for applied research in the field of complex supervisory control systems for decision support in chaotic circumstances. The central research topic is named Actor-Agent Communities. With this terminology D-CIS presents a new paradigm for the construction and exploitation of very complex and dynamic information systems as effective solutions for solving otherwise intractable problems in domains such as situation awareness, organization awareness and collaborative decision making. The name of this central topic also constrains the areas of research in which D-CIS is involved.

In terms of core competences D-CIS focuses on combining knowledge from the Human Sciences and Information & Communication Technologies to develop new concepts and technologies that will help to built the best AI and Agent based human-in-the-loop supervisory control systems. Already early in its existence the D-CIS partners also decided to focus on a particular application domain, namely disaster and crisis management, as their preferred demonstration and communication domain. One of the ways of expressing that is our support of ISCRAM and our active membership in that community.

D-CIS Lab also functions as a knowledge-to-application-transfer-facilitator, i.e. a Transillitator. We try to ëpushí the results of the research activities into experimental applications (capability demonstrators!) for use in the field. To do that in the context of subsidized (national and European) research programs is not always an easy task, but we manage with the help of a network of professionals from the field of disaster and crisis management that have the domain expertise and ëproblem awarenessí that helps us to direct our research.

The research results are used in a multitude of application domains such as traffic & transport management, military command & control, and in the field of security & safety. D-CIS Lab research portfolio, a combined partner effort, is implemented via multi-partner research projects. The partnerships with many other research groups at universities and technology institutes in the Netherlands and Europe enable us to chain innovation and to smoothen the path from fundamental knowledge generation to industrial application development.

Please visit D-CIS homepage at

Bronze Sponsor

HMS Technologies

HMS Technologies, Inc. (founded in 2003) is an established Service Disabled Veteran-Owned Business (SDVOB) that integrates technology, partners and clients for the common goal of teamed success in both the Federal and Commercial environments. The company"s mission is to be the most responsive SDVOB systems integrator in the world who is recognized for the award-winning quality and value of our work while living the priorities of the organization thru the five C"s in the following order: Country, Clients, Colleagues, Corporation, and Cost-Control.

Please visit HMS Technologies homepage at

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