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Remembering 26 December 2005 Tsunami


Today, we remember the Tsunami that caused such an immense loss of human live throughout South-East Asia on December 26 2005, exactely one year ago. In the year since, many initiatives to contribute to the relief of the affected regions have been developed, not only by the world"s nations but more so by ordinary people, with their own limited means and possibilities.

Also within this community, some people have tried to do something. The most impressive initiative I am familiar with is the SAHANA project, which aims to develop an open source humanitarian Information System, started by people from Sri Lanka and humanitarian relief experts - the name of Paul Currion certainly sounds familiar to those of us who attended ISCRAM2005 and listened to his keynote (Paul will be with us again in Newark in May 2006).

Have a look at the SAHANA homepage here: to find out how you can contribute and help them. Because one year later, a lot of help is still needed.

Best regards - Bartel

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