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Theme 11 - Practitioner Cases and Practitioner-Centered Research

ID: 16
Full Insights Paper

Matthias Max (2) , Sigmund Kluckner (1) , Susann Jentzsch (2)
(1) Austrian Institute of Technology, Austria; (2) German Red Cross

ID: 26
Short Research paper

Sigmund Kluckner (1) , Katrin Ellice Heintze (2) , Willi Wendt (2)
(1) Austrian Institute of Technology, Austria; (2) University of Stuttgart IAT, Germany

ID: 42
Short Insights Paper

Murray Turoff
New Jersey Institute of Technology, USA

ID: 43
Full Research paper

James Fielding Smith, Teo A. Babun Jr.
AmericasRelief Team, USA

ID: 61
Full Research paper

Kayvan Yousefi Mojir, Sofie Pilemalm
Linköping University, Sweden

ID: 88
Full Insights Paper

Edward Glantz
The Pennsylvania State University, USA

ID: 155
Short Insights Paper

Amro Al-Akkad, Christian Raffelsberger
Fraunhofer FIT, Germany

ID: 181
Short Insights Paper

Nicklaus Giacobe, Pamela Soule
The Pennsylvania State University, USA

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