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This month”s issue of The Disaster Newsletter takes a look at Emergency Notification Systems (ENS).

ENS has changed in the past 60 years when it comes to warning the public about civil defense, weather, or man-made crises. Warnings systems in their infancy used public radio, alert sirens, and television. These systems notified the public mostly about severe weather approaching the area. In a few instances the systems were used to warn of possible attacks from hostile countries. Such emergency systems depended on people being close to these devices so that the warnings could be affective. Today these systems are being updated to work in conjunction with new systems aimed at telephones and wireless devices which can warn people of anything that may effect lives, property or communities, anywhere at any time.

What does the future have in store for ENS. The answers are just on the horizon. As technology improves, so does the ability to prepare for the next challenge to face your community or the nation.

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