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Message of Support from the ISCRAM Community to its Chinese Friends and Colleagues:

The ISCRAM community wants to express its sadness, its sympathy and solidarity in the ordeal China is suffering as a consequence of the powerful earthquake that struck last week.

As the ISCRAM community has evolved over the past few years to a global community, we have been fortunate to grow a well established presence in China through the ISCRAM-CHINA conference at Harbin Engineering University. The annual conference organized in Harbin has given many of us the opportunity to visit, work with and learn from Chinese colleagues in the emergency management domain. The conference organizers in Harbin have become good friends, who have contributed much to the ISCRAM community.

The horrific consequences of the powerful earthquake last week are therefore felt on a personal level by many of us. Our thoughts go out to those who have suffered loss of life, work, or home, and to those who are courageously involved in the response, working so hard to save lives. We wish all our Chinese friends, colleagues and their families strength and courage in these difficult times.

For the ISCRAM Community,

Bartel Van de Walle
May 20 2008