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Are you active on different social media sites?

Nice, we would like to encourage you to tweet, blog or share ISCRAM related content.

How to contribute?

If you’re already a member of any of these web2.0 sites … and you think you found something of interest to the ISCRAM Community.
1) Tag your bookmarks in Delicious with the keyword “ISCRAM”.
2) Tag your presentations in Slideshare with “ISCRAM”.
3) Tag your video’s in YouTube with “ISCRAM”.
4) Tag your foto’s in Flickr with “ISCRAM”
5) Add the keyword “ISCRAM” in your blog …
We encourage you to add additional keywords to your content. These extra tags will also appear on ISCRAM Live … and will make up for a rich tagcloud!

The ISCRAM Live website will aggregate all ISCRAM related content from the different social media sites.