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The ISCRAM Association is an international non-profit organization, established in Belgium under Title III of the Act of June 27, 1921 concerning the non-profit associations, international non-profit associations and foundations, hereinafter called the association law and is called “lSCRAM”. The seat of the association is established in 1160 Brussels, Herrmann Debroux 40.

The association targets no profit and aims:

  • Promoting research and development, exchange of knowledge and deployment of information systems for crisis management. Both the social, technical and practical aspects of all information- and communication systems used or to be used in all phases of management (mitigating) of emergencies, disasters and crises are treated.
  • To promote and facilitate cooperation between all parties involved in this domain, including researchers, practitioners and professionals, technical experts and other experts, policy makers, involved in the management or evaluation of emergency conditions, disasters and crises.

Furthermore the international non-profit organization can develop all activities that contribute directly or indirectly to the fulfillment of the aforementioned statutory goals, secondary commercial and profitable activities included insofar they are allowed by law and that their proceeds at all time are reserved for the fulfillment of the statutory goals.

Download the complete Constitution of the ISCRAM Association (English version)

Please note that this English translation does not have any legal binding character, but is provided as a service to the non-Dutch speaking ISCRAM members. Legally binding are only these Statutes of the ISCRAM Association (Dutch versoion).