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ISCRAM actively organizes events across the globe throughout the year: the international ISCRAM Conference and the Doctoral Colloquium in May, the ISCRAM Summer School during summer (obviously ;)) and Continental or Regional Events.

This year, we had a wonderful ISCRAM2015 conference at the Centre for Integrated Emergency Management in Kristiansand / Norway (for pictures, see our facebook page), and we are looking forward to the second edition of ISCRAM-Med October 28-30 2015 in Tunis / Tunisia.

We are also happy to announce that the  Call for Papers for ISCRAM2016 (May 22-25 2016, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil) has been published. The deadline for long papers is November 20, 2015 – hope to see you all next year!

ISCRAM-World Conferences

Annually, the ISCRAM-World Conference alternates between Europe and Northern America. At every conference, we organize a Doctoral Colloquium targeted at early stage researchers in the ISCRAM areas, and we conduct several workshops and tutorials.

ISCRAM2015 which took place in Kristiansand, was already our 12th International Conference. Previous editions were held in Brussels (2004 and 2005), Newark (2006), Delft (2007), Washington DC (2008), Gothenburg (2009), Seattle (2010), Lisbon (2011), Vancouver (2012), Baden-Baden (2013), and PennState (2014). Now, we are looking forward to the 13th edition – ISCRAM2016 (May 22 – May 25, 2016) focusing on the topic of resilience.

We are proud that our open source proceedings are now indexed in Scopus and dblp.


The first ISCRAM-MED conference was held in Toulouse in October 2014, bringing together researchers from Europe and Northern Africa working on crisis management around the Mediterranean. We are especially happy and proud to continue this series with the ISCRAM-MED 2015 conference in Tunis, Tunisia.

Starting in 2006, we organized – together with Harbin Engineering University – a series of ISCRAM-CHINA conference in Harbin, China. Following five successful editions in Harbin, we moved the conference to Beijing in 2012 for what is to become the first ISCRAM-ASIA conference. 10 years after the Tsunami, ISCRAM-ASIA2014 (June 20-21 2014) focussed on the role of ICTs in building disaster resilience. The conference will be hosted in Colombo, Sri Lanka.

ISCRAM Summer School

Since 2006, we organize an ISCRAM Summer School at Tilburg University, The Netherlands.

Organizing an ISCRAM Event

ISCRAM is a growing community – reflected by a growing series of different events. If you are interested in organizing an event, be it a conference, a workshop, summer or winter school, please contact us at