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ISCRAM2010 Live

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ISCRAM2010 Live

Haiti Earthquake – ISCRAM Live

Many people have been wondering what ISCRAM is doing regarding the horrific situation in Haiti. The answer is that we are working out what we can do.

We are not a direct response organization. Our primary role is to change the future of crisis management rather than the present. We hope that the enormous efforts the ISCRAM community has devoted toward this end over the past seven years are now bearing fruit and are helping to save lives and relieve suffering. Read moreabout Haiti Earthquake – ISCRAM Live

ISCRAM2009 is now over – look at ISCRAM Live for full coverage

ISCRAM2009 is now over – and it sure was a great conference, thanks to an amazing local organizing team and every single participant, author and presenter at the meeting! Thank you all very much!

We have done our best to capture as much as possible from the conference: papers, presentations, videos, tweets, reports, and hundreds of pictures – check out our ISCRAM Live website

ISCRAM2009 is now over – look at ISCRAM Live for full coverage

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