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Tools, Technologies and Demos

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Track co-chairs:

Susanne Jul, InSTEDD, USA
Niklas Hallberg, Swedish Defence Research Agency, Sweden

Track introduction:

When all is said and done, Information Systems for Crisis Response and Management is about putting effective tools and technologies in the hands of people with critical needs in critical situations. In recognition that many effective tools and technologies are created outside research settings, the ISCRAM 2009 conference invites contributions to surface intellectually stimulating work that contributes to the field but whose evolution has favored practical application over rigorous scientific grounding. This track offer practitioners, technology developers and researchers the opportunity to showcase working technologies, and discuss the technical, social or political challenges that were encountered in implementation or deployment.

Suggested topics:

The focus of contributions should be on working technologies.

Topics might include, but are not limited to, technologies oriented toward support for particular needs:
– Communication, collaboration, cooperation or partnering
– Information management, analysis or visualization
– Privacy, safety or security
– Resource discovery or distribution
– Surveillance, monitoring, alerting or notification
– Austere, fragile or deep-field environments
– Inter-agency, cross-cultural or multi-national operations
– Planning, training or evaluation
– Operations management or decision support
– Specialized domain needs, e.g., public health, humanitarian action, conflict situations

Or, contributions might focus on design, development, deployment or evaluation strategies:
– Using crises to push technology design or development
– Developing, supporting or sharing free and open-source software
– Converting field implementations to robust mature technology
– Using ad hoc volunteer resources to develop, deploy and evaluate critical technologies

Special Sessions

In addition to the general track, this track also includes the following special session:

– Studies of Command and Control Systems

For detailed information regarding special sessions, please consult each Special Sessions¥ Call for Papers.