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Social Networking and Collaboration

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Track co-chairs:

Simon French, Manchester Business School
Starr Roxanne Hiltz, NJIT and the University of Salzburg
Leysia Palen, University of Colorado

Track introduction:

The convergence of information and communication technologies, the growth of the internet including the mobile internet, and the advent of technologies known under the general heading of Web 2.0 have all contributed to our ability to collaborate over great distances, both synchronously and asynchronously. Our aim in this track is to explore how these new approaches to and support for collaboration can help in crisis management and response. How might such collaboration technologies help:

– the crisis management team in their decision making on the handling the event?
– the crisis management team in their interactions with a wide range of responders, government bodies, various publics and stakeholders and, of course, the victims and their families?
– all parties build a picture and share information about a developing crisis?
– widen the range of stakeholders who can join fully in handling the crisis and recovery?
– involve communities fully during the recovery phase to rebuild and return to normality?
– communities to work together, alongside but independently of government and non-governmental agencies, to inform and help themselves, co-ordinating citizen-led efforts?
– virtual teams and virtual communities develop processes and software for emergency management and recovery?

The track will consider technological developments and applications within these areas. It will also include evaluations and the cognitive and behavioral aspects of such applications.

Special Sessions:

In addition to the general track, this track also includes the following special sessions:
– Lightweight stakeholder collaboration in emergency knowledge engineering
– Trust in Emergency Planning and Response

For detailed information regarding special sessions, please consult each Special Sessions¥ Call for Papers.