Categories: Communications


The Marketing and Communications Committee (MACC) is responsible for the packaging and communication of information relevant to ISCRAM members and partners, including the ISCRAM website and its design and use. MACC is responsible for coordinating with officers and standing committees to develop and guide the implementation of the Society’s marketing strategy. The committee helps prepare news and information about the Society’s membership opportunities, activities, and achievements, taking responsibility for the production and publication of the ISCRAM Newsletter. The committee also works with the standing committees and officers to establish and maintain communication channels with appropriate media to secure suitable publicity. Currently the committee membership is:

  • Simon French (Chair and Newsletter Editor)
  • Tina Comes
  • Bas Lijnse
  • Robin Mays
  • John Merrell
  • Gerhard Wickler
  • Christopher Zobel

To contact the committee please email simon.french(at)