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Membership and Member Services Committee


The Membership and Member Services Committee (MAMC) of the ISCRAM Association is responsible for managing membership in ISCRAM. The committee is also responsible for maintaining appropriate membership records, establishing contact with new members, and publishing information to support recruiting and member activities.

The current chair of the committee is Linda Plotnick. Other members are Roxanne Hiltz,, Lili Yang and Bjørn Erik Munkvold. To contact the committee email

Membership Benefits

As an individual member of the ISCRAM Association you will receive a number benefits, such as:

  • Reduced conference fee at the main ISCRAM conference and certain other ISCRAM events
  • Reduced subscription fee to journals
  • Members have voting privieges at the annual general assembly
  • Only members are are eligible to run for ISCRAM Board position

Instituions can also become members of ISCRAM. An institutional membership includes a number of individual memberships, and the institution's logo will be shown on this website.

Membership Services

The Membership and Member Services Committee conducts a number of activities and provides a number of services, such as:

  • setting the annual membership fees encourage you to join ISCRAM as a member, which you can do online right now
  • managing termination of membership if and when necessary
  • contacting new members to welcome them and encourage their participation in the society
  • developing and executing member services

A report and recommendation on membership numbers, activities and strategies for ISCRAM shall be prepared annually.

Institutional Members



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