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ISCRAM Newsletter Vol 2 No 1


This edition of the Newsletter carries the statements of the candidates for the 2012 ISCRAM Board elections: all thirteen of them.     The largest number of people standing for election in ISCRAM yet – or the largest number running for election, if you speak my second language, American!     Thirteen candidates: that either means that ISCRAM is going places and stimulating interest – or it means that we Board members have not been doing our job and need an influx of new talent.     Either way we need all members of ISCRAM to vote and help set the direction that ISCRAM will take over the coming year.     Members have received or will be receiving shortly an email about how to vote: either electronically before ISCRAM2012 or at the General Assembly of ISCRAM during the conference.     And as I serve on the Membership and Member Services Committee (MAMC), it behooves me to say that it is not too late for non-members to rectify their status and join in time to vote! ISCRAM2012 starts in two weeks time: I look forward to seeing you there.


Institutional Members



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