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Reviewing Guidelines - full version

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On 21st November 2013 the ISCRAM Board approved new guidelines for reviewing papers at ISCRAM events. The changes will effect paper authors, reviewers and meta-reviewers, and track chairs. The primary goal of these changes is to ensure that ISCRAM papers, of whatever type or length and for whatever event, are reviewed to the highest standards. There are two versions: a condensed version (4 pages) for experienced reviewers, and a full version (16 pages) for less-experienced reviewers. This is the full version. Both versions of the reviewing guidelines describe the types and lengths of paper, the reviewing criteria, and the reviewing ethics and etiquette. The full version also provides a set of questions for each criterion that reviewers can ask themselves in giving a score for that criterion, a detailed description of the recommended reviewing procedure, recommendations for writing comments to paper authors, and suggestions on how the reviewer can balance his or her workload.

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