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Chair: Allen Milewski  (
Co-Chair: Jiacun Wang   (
Department of Software Engineering
Center for Rapid Response Database Systems
Monmouth University, NJ

The research on workflow modeling and validation has been around for a couple of decades, and many approaches and tools have been developed and gained certain range of practical applications. However, most workflows do not allow one to modify a process model (e.g. to react to external events) once it has started executing. On the other hand, the increased dynamic nature of business rules in todayís market have drawn more and more attention from the research society. This flexibility becomes of paramount importance in applications such as an incident command systems (ICS), which is designed to respond to terror attacks or natural disasters. An ICS would have to deal with frequent changes in the course of actions dictated by incoming events, a predominantly volunteer-based workforce, the need to integrate various software tools and organizations, and a highly distributed workflow management. The need of making ad-hoc changes also calls for an on-the-fly verification of the correctness of the modified workflow. The fact that main users of ICS will be volunteers from various backgrounds also raises a demand for tools with highly intuitive features for the description and modification of the workflows.

As workflow systems currently provide little support for such challenges, the goal of this special session is to provide researchers with an opportunity to discuss how workflow systems can better deal with these issues. We expect to draw together and help identify the breadth of current work, commonalities, gaps, potential collaborations and future research directions. Relevant topics include but are not limit to:

ï Dynamic workflow modeling and verification
ï Infrastructures for dynamically modifiable process models
ï Inter-organizational dynamic workflows
ï Formal methods in dynamic workflows
ï Methodologies for ICS workflow management
ï Tool development and integration
ï Notification and alerting of external events
ï Automatic event-driven workflow modification
ï ICS workflow case study
ï ICS process patterns
ï ICS process visualization
ï ICS process simulation
ï Usability design and evaluation

ISCRAM2006, the Third International Conference on Information Systems for Crisis Response and Management, will take place in Newark, New Jersey, USA, at the New Jersey Institute of Technology from May 14-17 2006.

Important dates
Early Registration opens December 1, 2005 
Paper Submissions January 12, 2006
Review Notifications March 3, 2006
Final Camera-ready Paper* March 17, 2006
Workshops & Doctoral Colloquium May 14, 2006
Main Conference Program May 15-17, 2006
* Full papers 5,000 words; Research in progress, Practitioner Cases 2,500 words

Key Conference Personnel
General Conference Chair: Bartel Van de Walle 
Program Chair: Murray Turoff
Doctoral Colloquium Chair David Mendonca
ISCRAM Society Representative Benny CarlÈ