Categories: ISCRAM2006 Conference


Chair: John R. Harrald, 
Director, George Washington Institute for Crisis Disaster and Risk Management

Information management problems and the failure of critical communication infrastructure crippled the early response efforts to Hurricane Katrina resulting in increased human suffering and economic loss.  The objective of this session is to describe the most significant of these issues, identify the factors that caused the failures, and identify the impacts on organizational decision making and performance.  Papers are solicited that describe technological issues (e.g. the total collapse of emergency communications), information management issues (e.g. the handling of information within and transferring information between EOCs), and the use of technology in organizational and individual decision support.  Papers on information, Coordination, and Communication issues in any of the recent Hurricanes in 2005 will be considered as well, especially where they identify reoccurring issues across the different events.  Papers based on empirical observation are particularly encouraged.  The session will be chaired by Dr. John R. Harrald who is a member of the National Research Council√≠s Committee on Using Information Technology to Enhance Disaster Management.