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Recently updated and released, “Talking About Disaster: Guide for Standard Messages” provides up-to-date information on disaster preparedness and safety in the U.S. It includes standardized safety messages on 19 natural, technological, and human-induced hazards, as well as standardized messages on general disaster preparedness and safety topics. Each message is followed by explanations, statistics, and reasons that reinforce the credibility of the message and that correct fiction, folklore, and misinformation. The purpose of the guide is to improve the consistency of information disseminated by agencies and organizations following disasters.

The guide was designed for emergency managers, homeland
security professionals, meteorologists, teachers, disaster and fire educators, public affairs/public relations personnel, managers and officers, media personnel, and/or any other person in the severe-weather, earthquake, disaster, terrorism preparedness education, or communications communities. The information is also intended for the general public, and may be tailored as needed. All content is in the public domain.

Published by the National Disaster Education Coalition (NDEC), the guide was supported by the Home Safety Council and the Homeland Plans Corporation. It represents the collaboration of professionals affiliated with the organizations composing NDEC and represents the experience and commitment of 20 U.S. government agencies and national nonprofit organizations.

“Talking About Disaster: Guide for Standard Messages” is available at

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Source: Disaster Research 409, July 16.