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ISCRAM2009 Conference

ISCRAM2009 Keynote Speakers



ISCRAM2009 Keynote Speakers

We are proud to announce three excellent keynote speakers for ISCRAM2009! Read more about ISCRAM2009 Keynote Speakers

ISCRAM2009 Review results

We are very happy to inform that ISCRAM2009 received 130 contributions. As a result of the review process, 65 contributions were provisionally accepted. This means an acceptance rate of 50%.

A notification with the review results has been sent to the authors.

We are very excited about and impressed of all the hard work done by all reviewers, session chairs and track chairs.

Program Chairs ISCRAM2009 Susanne Jul & Jonas Landgren
  Read more about ISCRAM2009 Review results

ISCRAM2009: Student Poster Session Call for Posters

Sunday the 10th of May
Student Poster Session Location: IT-University in Gothenburg


Call for Posters

ISCRAM2009 Student Poster Session

Quick facts Read more about ISCRAM2009: Student Poster Session Call for Posters

ISCRAM2009: Special Calls for Participation



In addition to the regular call for papers (deadline passed), we are now happy to sollicit your contributions or participation for the following special ISCRAM2009 events:
  Read more about ISCRAM2009: Special Calls for Participation

ISCRAM2009: Practitioners Workshop

NOTE: Please note that the original two-day practitioners workshop has been cancelled and replaced by a break-out session on monday the 11th, 14:00 -15:30. The re-organization of the workshop into a short session was made due to the limited numbers of registered practitioners for this two-day workshop. We are looking forward to the shorter break-out session on Monday 11th. Read more about ISCRAM2009: Practitioners Workshop


Institutional Members



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