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ISCRAM2013 Conference

Theme 05 - Humanitarian Challenges

05.01 Humanitarian Challenges

Full Research Papers

ID: 134
Meeting the Sphere Standards: a case analysis of earthquake response in China
Bo, Tao (1,2,3); Van de Walle, Bartel (2)
1: Earthqauke Administration of Beijing Municipality, China; 2: Tilburg University, The Netherlands; 3: Institute of Engineering Mechanics, China Earthquake Administration, China Read more about Theme 05 - Humanitarian Challenges

Theme 06 - Innovations in Research

06.01 Innovations in Research Methods

Research-in-Progress Papers

ID: 117
ASC Model: a process model for the evaluation of simulated field exercise in the emergency domain
Duarte, Alayne da Costa (1); Borges, Marcos Roberto da Silva (1); Gomes, Jose Orlando (1); de Carvalho, Paulo Victor Rodrigues (2)
1: UFRJ, Brazil; 2: IEN, Brazil Read more about Theme 06 - Innovations in Research

Theme 07 - Intelligent Systems

07.01 Intelligent Systems

Full Research Papers

ID: 143
Context-Based Knowledge Fusion Patterns in Decision Support System for Emergency Response
Smirnov, Alexander; Levashova, Tatiana; Shilov, Nikolay
St. Petersburg Institute for Informatics and Automation of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Russian Federation Read more about Theme 07 - Intelligent Systems

Theme 08 - Planning and Foresight

08.01 Planning, Foresight and Risk Analysis

Full Research Papers

ID: 105
Case Study on Risk Analysis for Critical Systems with Reliability Block Diagrams
Weyns, Kim; Höst, Martin
Lund University, Sweden Read more about Theme 08 - Planning and Foresight

Theme 09 - Social Media

09.01 Social Media and Collaborative Systems

Full Research Papers

ID: 121
Beyond the Trustworthy Tweet: A Deeper Understanding of Microblogged Data Use by Disaster Response and Humanitarian Relief Organizations
Tapia, Andrea; Moore, Kathleen; Johnson, Nicolas
Penn State University, USA

ID: 122
Combining Real and Virtual Volunteers through Social Media
Reuter, Christian; Heger, Oliver; Pipek, Volkmar
University of Siegen, Germany Read more about Theme 09 - Social Media


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