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Becoming a member of the ISCRAM Association has now become easier than ever. We now offer a 3-year membership, with a 10% discount. This is an opportunity to those who are joining for the first time or renewing their ISCRAM Association membership. That is, the 3-year rate will be 90% of the current rate for three consecutive years for the category of membership (e.g. individual or institutional, regular or reduced country). All membership categories except for student are eligible for this option. Note that not only does the 3-year membership provide a discount, but it also keeps the rate the same for the 3-year duration even if membership rates rise during that time.

This may be especially appealing to those who have funding to join associations but cannot join multiple ones each year, or those who are looking for a bargain and inflation protection in membership rates.

Terms and Conditions

  • Only regular individual or institutional memberships (at regular country or reduced country fees) will be eligible. – That is, student memberships will not be eligible
  • The rate for the 3 years will be 0.90 times (3 times the current rate) – This is attractive as it not only provides for a 10% discount on the current year but protects the member from possible fee increases for the next two years.
  • Early termination of the 3-year membership (with refund) is not permitted, i.e. no refunds after 1 or 2 years if the member does not want to participate in ISCRAM anymore.
  • There is a potential for loss (or gain) in that the rate depends upon the country of the member at the start of the 3-year term. If a member moves from a reduced rate country to a full rate country, they will not be required to pay any additional fee. Likewise, if a member moves from a full rate country to a reduced rate country there will not be any reimbursement.

How to Get the Three-Year Membership

3-Year Membership (prices in EUR)
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