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5th International Conference on Information Systems for Crisis Response and Management ISCRAM2008
SPECIAL SESSION on Virtual Systems for Emergency Management Simulation & Training


Disaster management is becoming an increasingly important topic of research as evidenced by recent events such as hurricanes Katrina and Rita, tsunamis, earthquakes, forest fires, floods and severe winter storms, and by civil disturbances, infrastructure failures (power failures, aircraft disasters, industrial accidents), terrorism events as well as anticipated influenza-like pandemics. Disaster management, before, during, and after an event, is dynamic, complex, and ill-defined. Decision-making is often distributed, ad hoc, and made by individuals and institutions that do not normally interact. For these reasons, better design and simulation of emergency management scenarios are needed to improve decision making in this environment. We look across the disciplines of computer science, psychology, systems engineering, and management to develop virtual systems that enable research and training to improve crisis response and management.

Research Area

We invite papers that describe research in the development of simulation and training systems for emergency management, including those utilizing virtual world technologies. In addition, the following research areas may also describe related topics of interest:

o Dealing with sensor data in emergency management operations
o Software-based critics of emergency operations centerís plans
o Knowledge management and social network modelling in emergency management
o Decision making in emergency management environments
o Software approaches to commitment-based collaboration and coordination
o Time critical negotiations under emergencies
o Cyberinfrastructure investigation
o Enterprise architecting principles for virtual emergency operations centres
o Decision support systems for disaster management