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ISCRAM has been on quite an extraordinary journey since May 2004, when a group of researchers active in the then newly termed “ISCRAM” domain gathered for the first time in Brussels. The ISCRAM community has continued to grow and mature ever since, attracting an increasingly diverse crowd of researchers and practitioners with a variety of interests, experiences and expertise. In 2009 ISCRAM finally became a formally established international non-profit association, the ISCRAM Association. Since this time it has transitioned into a professional organisation supporting the needs of researchers and practitioners around the world.

Perhaps you have been an active part of our journey. Perhaps you submitted and presented your work at one of our World conferences or local events, maybe you contributed to the special editions of journals or books that have followed from these events, or perhaps you attended one of our previous Summer Schools.

Whether you are an “old” friend of ISCRAM or you just got to know us, now is a good time to join us and become a regular member of the ISCRAM Association. Membership can offer you lots of advantages including: reduced registration fees for the World conferences or local events such as ‘ISCRAM Med’; access to a worldwide network of researchers and practitioners – perfect for finding project collaborators; the opportunity to shape the future of our domain and really make a difference.

Above all though you will become part of this vibrant and welcoming global community.

We are looking forward to welcoming you as a new member of the ISCRAM Association, and we hope to be able to meet you soon at one of our events across the globe.

Membership Application Process

First: Click on the Registration button at the top of the page to register. Fill out the form and submit it.

Second: Pay for your membership with one of the methods described below.

You can complete your ISCRAM membership application, or renew your membership by paying the membership fee to our MaCotisation application.

All ISCRAM fees are for three calendar years. Also, if you pay during 2021 it will last until 31 December 2023 regardless of which date you make the payment in 2021. The fees are in Euro (€).

The current fees are:

– 120 €, for ordinary membership

– 50 €, for countries with reduced membership fee*

You have two payment options, either by Wired Transfer or by Credit Card. The MaCotisation application that we us has instructions in French so we have created instructions below, depending on the payment method you select. If you have issues signing up please email us at to

Pay your membership fee via Wired Transfer

Please see instructions here to sign up and pay via Wired Transfer

Sign-Up & Pay Via Wire Transfer

Pay your membership fee via Credit Card

Please see instructions here to sign up and pay via Wired Transfer

Sign-Up & Pay Via Credit Card

Thank you very much for your interest in becoming ISCRAM member now and in the future. The ISCRAM Board


* Afghanistan; Albania; Algeria; Angola; Armenia; Azerbaijan; Bangladesh; Belarus; Benin; Bhutan; Bolivia; Bosnia and Herzegovina; Brazil; Bulgaria; Burkina Faso; Burundi; Cambodia; Cameroon; Cape Verde; Central African Republic; Chad; Colombia; Comoros; Congo, Dem. Rep.; Congo, Rep.; Côte d’Ivoire; Cuba; Djibouti; Dominican Republic; Ecuador; Egypt; El Salvador; Eritrea; Ethiopia; Fiji; Gambia; Georgia; Ghana; Guatemala; Guinea; Guinea-Bissau; Guyana; Haiti; Honduras; India; Indonesia; Iraq; Iran; Islamic Rep.; Jamaica; Jordan; Kazakhstan; Kenya; Kiribati; Korea, Dem. Rep.; Kyrgyz Republic; Lao PDR; Lesotho; Liberia; Macedonia, FYR; Madagascar; Malawi; Maldives; Mali; Marshall Islands; Mauritania; Micronesia, Fed. Sts.; Moldova; Mongolia; Morocco; Mozambique; Myanmar; Namibia; Nepal; Nicaragua; Niger; Nigeria; Pakistan; Papua New Guinea; Paraguay; Peru; Philippines; Rwanda; Samoa; Sao Tome & Principe; Senegal; Serbia and Montenegro; Sierra Leone; Solomon Islands; Somalia; Sri Lanka; Sudan; Suriname; Swaziland; Syrian Arab Republic; Tajikistan; Tanzania; Thailand; Timor-Leste; Togo; Tonga; Tunisia; Turkmenistan; Uganda; Ukraine; Uzbekistan; Vanuatu; Vietnam; West Bank & Gaza; Yemen; Zambia; Zimbabwe.